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This original musical debuted on in March, 2018 at La Canada Presbyterian Church.

It was performed by NewSong Choir (grades 3 - 6) but is well suited for junior high or high school.

CLICK on the PLAY BUTTONS below to hear dialogue samples 

The girls of Galilee aren't happy that they have to do chores all day...

The boys are mischievous and show off a lot.

Jared, Gershom and Enoch brag about being able to study and go to school.

They dream about being important figures some day.

Peter's daughter, Talia, is very excited about Jesus.

But it's not easy having a dad who is a disciple.

The Pharisee's daughters - Bityah, Bilhah & Beulah, don't want to hear about this "Jesus."

Enoch, the official's son, suddenly falls sick

Enoch is healed by Jesus, and now the boys are starting to believe he may be the Messiah.

But everyone's belief is questioned by the Pharisee daughters.

Then one of the boys friends, Omar, starts doing crazy things, not acting like himself.

Jairus' daughter, Sharon, actually died, and she tells her friends about how Jesus brought her back to life.

Jared tells a miraculous story of how Jesus used his lunch basket to help feed five thousand up on the mountain.

Dinah talks about her Uncle Jesus.

Tension mounts between those who think Jesus is the Son of God and those who don't.

Omar is healed by Jesus and tells his buddies what it was like to be a lost soul.

On the way to the Passover in Jerusalem, Beulah breaks from her older sisters. There have been too many miracles for her to still believe that Jesus is a fraud.

The death of Jesus caught everyone by surprise.

Talia saw it happen and seeks comfort from her friend Sharon.

Then there was the surprise of His resurrection.

Even Bityah and Bilhah rejoice!

The kids of Galilee will serve Jesus and share the good news!

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